May I Have This Dance?

May I have this dance?
I can work this job
Youth on my side--
spunky yet agile
I halt in perfection
steel on wheels
Differences of style
not mistakes
attributes of me
I zag
where he zigged
sway as a boat
on calm seas
try to pace traffic
just my immaturity
head turns left
watch that cup tossed aside
cart blocks the way
hedge protruding
a twig or a branch
oh my--
construction ahead
Hard Halt!
that speedsters way fast!
Sirens approach
Hard Halt, quick sit
as 9-1-1 I instruct
Each outing new
as a competitive course
head turns slightly
be it right
be it left
directional cues
the path I must choose
Each crossing
High alert
be they patient
or rude
no need to hurry
your safety
my concern
Entrances a puzzle
single door
double door
buzz us in
new challenges await
Each turn of my head
a distant world I relate
Through eyes, ears, paws, tail
every movement a cue
in my role for you
Girthed in harness
or just fur
my role as your guide
as a nose nuzzling friend
unconditional love
a bond tightly formed
time, training, and trust
comes with each step
Accept me, for me
it's time for my chance
give me this job
I really can dance!
© 2008
by Karyn E LaGrange